Hello, I’m liselle

A young adult fantasy and sci-fi writer

my writing brand is…

Worlds beyond ours

Always involving some sort of magic or alien or something similar, I get bored of real life

Messy black girls

They a real big mess, but they’re finding their way, and I kind of think that journey is fun


The voices I write are ones I truly think connect to issues teens face in an real way

#Blackwitchesbook – title tba

Simon pulse summer 2021 & 2022

the part where i help

Only slightly rambling but helpful videos for writers

If you’re a writer who has no idea how to get published, low key dying in the query trenches, or high key just really f***ing confused, these videos are for you. I post a YouTube video every Tuesday with helpful stuff about writing and publishing, with some dashes of my own journey thrown in.

partake in some light stalking aka events


Doing lots but going nowhere…

ps: I also design websites

I know, right?

I did, in fact, create this entire website you’re scrolling through right now as well as some pretty cool other websites. Also, I have all the pricing transparently listed so you don’t have to guess what you need to cough up to get one of these beauties.┬áIf you want to learn more about my work including seeing sample of the website I’ve built, click the button below!

the bit where i beg for your email

Sign up if you want to, at some point in the future, hopefully soon-ish, would like to get emails from me about exclusive giveaways for my currently potential books, but like, also fun writing updates, info for you, and probably some fun free stuff that won’t be on social media, that means it’s SUPER special.

Let’s Start a Conversation,

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