Recently I’ve fallen off the book blogging scene a bit. That’s because I picked up and moved up north to start my new job. My job that I wouldn’t have without book blogging.

Wait… what?

wait what

To rewind, my boyfriend has been working up north for a year while I stayed in Toronto at the administrative job I’ve had since graduating school. I made the decision to try and move up, but first I had to find a job. Let me say, this was not easy. The job market in a smaller town is hard. The cost of living is lower and so the salaries were lower. I remember attempting to negotiateย salary with a possible position at a clinic to $6 lower than my current hourly rate, and the woman said ‘not even the technicians make that much.’

I thought I was going to end up doing the same job as before for less pay in a smaller place, and it was devasting. Then I saw an ad for a Social Media Administrator.

Where blogging comes in.

This was a job posting to work on social media in a marketing consultant business. I looked at the requirements and saw that line that kills so many dreams: education requirements. There are many ways my Linguistics degree helped me with my writing, including copywriting. But surely these people would want someone with a specialty in business or advertising.

But then I thought ‘why not?’ What’s the worst thing that would happen? I could assume they would pass over my application, or I could highlight my relevant experience. And what could be more relevant than my blogging and associated social media accounts? Writing content and sharing is what I do for fun after all!

Forming a plan and acting

get up and go

I wanted this job and I was going to do everything in my power to get it. I decided to make a resume that highlighted by design skills and share a portfolio of what I achieved with my blog. I remember reading a blog post by someone about putting their blog on their resume, and I couldn’t imagine a time where I would. And here I was leading with it. My experience declared me a blogger and somehow I felt more proud of that title than the ones I gained with years of university education.

I got my application together and sent it. For anyone interested, below is a sample of what I sent off and what blogging experience I talked about.


Sealing the deal

There are few things more satisfying than being rewarded for hard work. So often we try our best and don’t see anything for it. And it’s devasting. Trust me, I’ve gone through it myself with my business. But this time was different because I had an interview. Then I had a job offer. And now I’m on the way to finishing up my third week working as a Social Media Administrator.

Which, PS, is super fun. And I feel like a creative!

The takeaway

It’s amazing to think of how much blogging has changed my life. Really changed it. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year. Since starting my blog I have a new career path, my own business,ย I’ve participated in and won NaNoWriMo, and met a ton of people who love to read. Book bloggers are seriously amazing!

For anyone who blogs or has another hobby, never doubt that what you’re doing isn’t important. Whatever you’re passionate about and work on is a skill. And those skills can help you get what you want in life if you dare to try.

yas queen

How has blogging or another hobby impacted your life? Or pushed you to do something you thought you wouldn’t?

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