Blood like magic

A rich, dark urban fantasy debut following a teen witch who is given a horrifying task: sacrificing her first love to save her family’s magic. The problem is, she’s never been in love—she’ll have to find the perfect guy before she can kill him.

Blood Like Magic by Liselle Sambury Blurb Final Cover

Blood like Magic

A rich, dark urban fantasy debut following a teen witch who is given a horrifying task: sacrificing her first love to save her family’s magic. The problem is, she’s never been in love—she’ll have to find the perfect guy before she can kill him.

After years of waiting for her Calling—a trial every witch must pass in order to come into their powers—the one thing Voya Thomas didn’t expect was to fail. When Voya’s ancestor gives her an unprecedented second chance to complete her Calling, she agrees—and then is horrified when her task is to kill her first love. And this time, failure means every Thomas witch will be stripped of their magic.

Voya is determined to save her family’s magic no matter the cost. The problem is, Voya has never been in love, so for her to succeed, she’ll first have to find the perfect guy—and fast. Fortunately, a genetic matchmaking program has just hit the market. Her plan is to join the program, fall in love, and complete her task before the deadline. What she doesn’t count on is being paired with the infuriating Luc—how can she fall in love with a guy who seemingly wants nothing to do with her?

With mounting pressure from her family, Voya is caught between her morality and her duty to her bloodline. If she wants to save their heritage and Luc, she’ll have to find something her ancestor wants more than blood. And in witchcraft, blood is everything.

Content warnings: Whipping scene within the context of slavery, gun/police violence, discussion of and character with an eating disorder, blood/gore/violence, death, substance abuse/addiction, mentions of child neglect

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Kirkus Starred Review

“Sambury’s prose is fluid and eloquent and will enthrall readers. The protagonist’s voice feels refreshingly authentic, and the supporting characters are diverse and multidimensional, with well-developed relationships. Sensitive topics and themes, like slavery and racism, emerge in the novel’s original and compelling storylines. A breath of fresh air for the genre; readers will be spellbound.”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Sambury blends technology and fantasy to create a detailed world that’s both futuristic and magical.”

booklist Starred Review

“This impressive debut will wow readers and leave them eager for more from this
writer to watch.”

Amazon Editor’s Pick Best Young Adult Books of June

Kobo June 2021 Best of The Month (Young Adult)

Indigo’s Most Anticipated Young Adult Books of 2021

Indigo Teen Staff Pick of the Month for July

“Liselle Sambury builds a world not far from our own, where blood is both weapon and salvation. Blood Like Magic is an intoxicating, skillful blend of science fiction and fantasy that reads like an enthralling dream. Poignant, smart, and wholly unique. An ode to the spirits of Black women, this novel demands that the future never forget the enduring power of family or the long, sharp blade of history. A bold, magical debut full of heart, and an author to watch!”

Tracy Deonn, New York Times bestselling author of LEGENDBORN

“With high stakes, big heart, and lots of Black Girl Magic, Blood Like Magic is everything you love about paranormal fantasy. The fast pace, painfully relatable characters, and incredible generational magic system makes Blood Like Magic unputdownable. Liselle Sambury left me with a massive book hangover that won’t be cured until I get the sequel!”

Aiden Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of CEMETERY BOYS and LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS

“This dark urban fantasy has high stakes, engaging characters, and a pace that will keep readers turning pages long into the night. This is the perfect book for readers looking for more Black girl magic in their YA fantasy.”


“You’ll love the authenticity of this book about Black witches in Canada with Caribbean roots.”


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