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Voya Calling

YA Urban Fantasy

An #ownvoices novel set in Toronto, 2099. It follows sixteen-year-old black witch Voya Thomas whose ceremony to come into her powers goes terribly wrong. Now she must kill her first love before the eve of the Caribana festival, or her family will lose their magic forever.

sci-fi & fantasy writer + book blogger

Liselle Sambury


I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer represented by Kristy Hunter of The Knight Agency. On this site, I share information about my writing projects and blog posts of all sorts of craft advice, bookish discussions, and more.

I’ve been writing since I was thirteen as a hobby, always leaning towards the fantastic and fictitious. Once I got into my teen years I became more serious about my writing and finished my first, albeit not great, novel when I was eighteen. Since then, I’ve written two more full-length novels, my latest being VOYA CALLING, a YA Urban Fantasy.

I started my book blog under the name Lunch-Time Librarian in 2015 as a way to connect to the reading and writing community. Since then, I’ve made amazing long-lasting friendships that were monumental in my continue to write regularly. All those blog posts are now hosted here along with new content, so be sure to check it out!

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I bring the intention. They bring the blood.

We both pay for the gift of magic.

– excerpt from voya calling

Upcoming Projects

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Not the Chosen One

YA Caribbean-Inspired High Fantasy

When Zane Blacktip was bitten by the shark God her family takes their name after, she’s marked by more than a bite. It’s considered a rejection by the Gods. Her dreams of being a jewelry maker mean nothing because who would purchase goods from a cursed girl? But when her Moko Jumbie prophetess friend tells a lie to the Crown Prince Bakari, Zane has an opportunity to take advantage of the fib. Drawn into a tangle of increasingly risky tall tales, she’s willing to say anything to get into the royal family’s good graces and shed her cursed status. But to be clear, she is absolutely NOT the chosen one.

plotting in progress


YA Space Opera

On Terra, to be born into the royal family means duty before desire. Twins Tak and Lee have known this for as long as they can remember. He was born to marry a delegate from one of the twelve Coalition planets and rule at home. She is destined to never marry or bear children and lead their armies to glory. But when a terrorist cell kidnaps their parents, they find themselves reluctantly forced into their roles earlier than imagined. A story that spans several planets and follows beloved siblings forced to war against each other in pursuit of their own definitions of what is right.

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