So I haven’t blogged in a lonngggg time. That isn’t to say that I’ve stopped reading and writing and loving books. But rather that I’ve lost a lot of time for blogging with moving to a new city, starting a new job, and becoming a homeowner. And something that’s definitely suffered is my bookish business. And so I’ve decided to close up shop for now.

Why am I closing shop?

If you’ve been following myΒ journey trying to start a bookish apparel business then you’re intimately familiar with how much money I spend on my business. And I don’t get much back. I love hearing from people who do have my clothes whether they’ve purchased or won a giveaway, but at the end of the day: money is money. And so I’m closing shop to reevaluate my business and see if I can’t create something that is more economically feasible for me. That, and my new commitments just don’t leave me enough time.

Are all the clothes gone for good?

If anyone is interested in buying something they remember seeing in my shop, shoot me an email at, and I can absolutely set up an order and mockup for you. But there won’t be a catalog of items available anymore. I use Shopify and to keep that catalog of items I would need to pay $14 USD a month, which is more than I pay now for the service.

For all those with bookish businesses…

I started my monetization series to create a look into how feasible it is to start a bookish business. And it wasn’t, for me. Not in what I chose to sell in the manner I chose to sell it. And not with me not having as much time or budget for advertising and actively selling my goods. But I hope that people aren’t discouraged from starting a bookish biz themselves. There are successes, but right now, at this moment, I’m not one of them.

What now?

I’m hoping to transition my business to something like digital content sales for prints instead of clothing. Which would, of course, require complete re-branding on my part, which I’m alright with doing. Or otherwise to keep everything under the blog instead of splitting things up. I’m hoping once I’m more settled I’ll have more time for blogging AND business.

Have you ever had a bookish or otherwise business? What were your biggest struggles and successes?

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